Jana Manu

Freelance Multimedia Designer and Illustrator

A Perth/Melbourne in-betweener, Jana grew in NZ but flew to Australia in 2009 and has been residing there ever since.  


Studying in both the USA and NZ, she has a BA (hons.) in Screen and Media Studies and a BDes. in Graphic Design and illustration.

When she’s not doing grown up things like designing wine labels and creating websites (among other things), she’s watching Antiques Roadshow, doodling and writing slightly absurdist stories inspired by her nieces, nephews and own whacky childhood experiences and misadventures.


She enjoys creating flow and suspense through illustration and design, with a work focus on Political and Social commentary, Satire, and Theatrical themes.


On a more informal note, she wishes she could touch type and that people would stop mispronouncing her name.  You Say the J!  Find her on social media under the handle @saythej_designs.

SAY THE J_DESIGNS, Jana Manu, Freelance Multimedia designer and illustrator and welcomer of commission work.

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